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Financial Planning is an art.

It's not a science.

Outsource your money planning with confidence. What we've learned is that everyone is different, has unique goals and different starting positions.

Meliora Financial Planning

Who we work best with...

Although financial planning is for everyone, we work best with people that have the following qualities:

Busy people

You don't have the time to be thinking about your financial future and to learn what it all means.

Busy People


We know that you dont want a sales pitch but instead a trusted planner that understands you.

Financial Planning for Women


Typically you live and breath your business, without thinking about you and your families goals and aspirations- we can help you combine both.

Financial Planning for Entrepreneurs
Meliora Financial Planning

The transformations we make:

Stressed and under money pressure

Money pressure

Clear and confident with money

Money Confidence

Having excess cash or a large tax bill

Large Tax Bill

Organised finances and efficient investments

Efficient Investments

Confusion over your financial future

Financial Confusion

Clarity and peace of mind about financial freedom

Financial Peace of Mind
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